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Embodying Aliveness & Presence 

   for Late Stage Aware Coaches, Therapists and Facilitators

January 24th - June 26th, 2024

9am - 10:50am Pacific Time

Twelve Sessions Online

Every Two Weeks

Beginning January 24. 2024

Tuition: $2200 USD

Learn and practice skills and methods to help individuals release blockages in their mind, body and subtle energy field. Help them heal trauma and open to the love and freedom of spacious Awareness

We will integrate concepts and interventions from

Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, Breathwork,

Subtle Energy, Stage Development and Awareness Modalities and Interventions 

This class is by invitation

and limited to twelve participants



In this course we will learn by observing, participating, and by discussing what we experience.  Plan on an additional three hours every two weeks for reading, viewing videos or practicing with other group members.

At each session we will begin with a brief check in, or a short introduction to a topic, and a brief centering process.

Next I will invite one of you to do/receive some work as a client for 40-45 minutes while everyone else observes. You'll have the opportunity to observe and learn various methods and techniques applied to the uniqueness of individuals and content that arises.

After a short break, we'll have time for reflections on what just occurred, time for questions and discussion to deepen understanding; and time for further short teachings of particular interest to group members.

Topics Will Include

    Tuition Includes:

  • 12 two hour sessions on-line

  • Optional Practice sessions with cohort  members

  • Access to forty-page article

Payment options

Pay in Full $2200

Pay in Two Installments $1100 

Pay Monthly $375

To Register and reserve your place send payment 

via Venmo at venita-ramirez or

via PayPal at 

Decorated Buddha with Flowers

The Physical Body


  • Use breath & awareness to relax body and mind

  • Read the body and the breath

  • Identify unconscious material and patterns of holding

  • Learn how body armoring prevents awareness

  • Facilitate healing and spiritual awakening through the body

Emotional Wellbeing

  • Practitioner/Client Relationship

    • Healthy Attachment​

    • Minimizing Anxiety

    • Boundaries/Resistance

  • Facilitate the release of feelings and memories

  • Heal and Integrate Family of Origin Material

  • Sense/Identify Regression and Dissociation

  • Integrate Stage Development

Subtle Energy Field 

  • Understand How Energy Moves through the Body

  • Identify energy centers and corresponding psychological content

  • Learn techniques for creating fluid energetic boundaries

  • Dissolve subtle energy Impressions

  • Expand the energy field

Awareness Itself

  • Relax into Clear Light

  • Listen into the Field of Awareness

  • Describe the Undescribable

  • Be Awareness Itself

  • Consciously share the field of Awareness with others

  • Integrating body, mind spirit of individual and collective

Topics Will Include

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